Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning applied for Societal Development

Dr.Atul Negi, Professor, SCIS, University of Hyderabad,

This talk is about applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to solve problems important for society. The technological success of machine learning has a great potential to be applied to various data rich areas: education, improved governance, urban planning, assistive technology for people with disabilities, health, agriculture, environmental sustainability, social welfare and justice and, sustainable development. These are fields where AI can have its strongest impact on society and aid in reducing human suffering and improving efficacy of welfare programs from various agencies. If guided by the right ethics the rapidly expanding field of AI has the potential to improve many aspects of our lives. When attempting to tackle social issues there is little incentive for researchers to tackle social problems with few platforms like conferences and journals that explicitly deal with such issues. Another difficulty is for researchers seeking to have a social impact is to find problems to address. This talk attempts to put together various internet sources and literature to give a glimpse on the immense potential there is for technology like Machine Learning to be applied for the Societal Development.