Design of an Efficient Authentication Framework over Heterogeneous Vehicular Networks

Prof. Maode Ma, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Recently, the use of 4G wireless network to support vehicular applications has attracted more and more research attentions. Although some applications have been proposed to support traffic safety and transportation efficiency using Long Term Evolution (LTE) techniques, the security issues of the integration of LTE into the vehicular environments have been less addressed. In this talk, I will address the security issues of the VANETs with an introduction of a security framework over public transport based heterogeneous wireless vehicular networks to face the challenges of malicious attacks in vehicular environments efficiently. The security of the proposed solution has been analysed and the logic correctness of the proposed solution has been proved by formal logic. Besides, performance evaluation shows that the proposed authentication framework can efficiently reduce authentication time and number of hops during message relay by sharing key information.