HPC Technologies- Cloud, Edge and Quantum Computing

Dr.K.Raghavendra, Scientist/Engineer ‘SG’, Head High Performance Computing and Drones, Advanced Data Processing Research Institute (ADRIN), Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Secunderabad, Telangana, India.

Cloud computing is emerged as the next generation computing model to deliver the computing infrastructure as service over the network. With the advent of Machine Learning and Io, Cloud computing infrastructure is emerged as the next generation computing delivery model for solving large scale data intensive problems aka Big Data Analytics. High Performance Computing (HPC) is a major player in solving large scale compute and data intensive problems with the hybrid technologies of Hardware and software computing working in tandem. Machine Learning and AI is becoming a major player for latest generation of IoT and Edge computing platforms addressing the several issues of real-world problems to solve in real time.

This key note talk will cover HPC technologies, key elements of hardware and software elements of HPC, Clouds infrastructure for HPC, Next generation System On Chip (SOC) for AI and Machine Learning. The presentation covers the software and hardware technologies of Clouds and Edge Computing devices with case studies for Deep Learning models for Video and Speech Recognition models, autonomous systems development using Clouds infrastructure and deployment of such generated models on Edge computing HPC devices and Unmanned Aerial and Ground (UA/G) Vehicles for Real Time operations using HPC. The presentation also covers the introduction to Quantum HPC technologies and Clouds being as the next generation Quantum Computing delivery platforms.