Accepted Papers

B Sujatha, Jilo Chala Tura and Chinta Someswara Rao.
Mariangela Zedda and Francesco Pinna.
Prediction models for space mean speed on urban roads
Naman S Kumar, Sudhanva N G, Shreyas Hande V, Mallikarjun V Sajjan, Hemanth Kumar C S and Kariyappa B S.
SRAM design using Memristor and Self-controllable Voltage (SVL) Technique
K. Gowri Raghavendra Narayan, Gopi Raju Chavali, Poturaju Puppala and Sudhakar Putheti.
A study on Certificate based Trust in MANET’s
Bansari Shah, Ananda Prakash Verma and Shailendra Tiwari.
User interest modeling from social media network graph, enriched with semantic web
Lavika Goel, Mallikarjun Swamy and Raghav Mantri.
Swarm and Aritificial Immune System based Intelligence Techniques for Geo-spatial Feature Extraction
Uma Shankar Rao Erothi and Sireesha Rodda.
Network Intrusion Detection System to preserve User Privacy
Hemanthi Cherukuri and Prashanti G.
Hiding Multiple Secret Images In A Cover Image
Bellamkonda Swapna and Tadiparty Anuradha.
Achieving Higher Ranking to Webpages through Search Engine Optimization
Subhani Shaik, Shaik Subhani, Devarakonda Nagaraju and Ch Nagamani.
Big data frequent pattern mining Using Parallel Computing Algorithms
Sakshi Kataria, Munish Kumar and Naresh Kumar Garg.
Writer Identification System for Handwritten Gurmukhi Characters: Study of Different Feature-Classifier Combinations
N. Udaya Kumar, K. Durga Teja, K. Bala Sindhuri and P. Rakesh.
Modified CSM for FIR Filter Realization
Sunitha Ram.
Towards Design and Enhancement of Emotion Recognition System through Speech Signals of Autism Spectrum Disorder Children for Tamil Language using Multi Support Vector Machine
Lingamallu Naga Srinivasu and Kolakaluri Srinivasa Rao.
Sirajuddin Mohammad.
An Innovative Security Model to Handle Black Hole Attack in MANET
Shahid Ali.
Knowledge Discovery via SVM Aggregation for Spatio-temporal Air Pollution Analysis
Bhanujyothi Kella and K Hima Bindu.
A Case Study in R to Recognize Human Activity using Smart Phones
Giri M and Jyothi S.
Big Data Collection and Correlation Analysis of Wireless Sensor Networks yielding to Target Detection and Classification
Narendrababu Reddy G and Dr. S.Phani Kumar.
Time and Cost Aware Scheduling method for Workflows in Cloud Computing Systems
Ummadi Janardhan Reddy, Dr. B.Venkata Ramana Reddy and B. Eswara Reddy.
A Novel Statistical feature selection measure for decision tree models on microarray cancer detection
Ravikanth Garladinne, K.V.N. Sunitha and B.Eswara Reddy.
A Novel Region Segmentation Based MultiFocus Image Fusion Model
Giri G Leena, Gerard Deepak, S H Manjula and K R Venugopal.
OntoYield: A Semantic Approach for Context Based Ontology Recommendation with Structure Preservation
Sreenivas Sremath Tirumala.
A Deep Auto-encoder based Knowledge Transfer Approach
Balaji Vicharapu, Anuradha Ch, Chandra Murty P.S.R and Padmaja Grandhe.
T V Sai Krishna, Dr. A Yesu Babu and Dr.Reddi Kiran Kumar.
Determination of optimal clusters for a non-hierarchical clustering paradigm k-means algorithm
S.N Kumar, A Lenin Fred, Ajay Kumar H and P Sebastin Varghese.
Nonlinear Tensor Diffusion Filter based Marker Controlled Watershed Segmentation for CT/MR Images
K. Vasantha Kokilam and Dr. D. Ponmary Pushpa Latha.
Improved Ensemble Methods to solve Multi class Imbalance Problem using Adaptive Weights
Veerappa B Pagi and Ramesh S Wadawadagi.
Opinion Content Extraction from Web Pages using Embedded Semantic Term Tree Kernels
Sujata B and Ravi Kiran Varma P.
Combining Fuzzy C-Means and KNN Algorithms in Performance Improvement of Intrusion Detection System